Tell your business story, you need real photos and videos, which we create in order to build a lucrative platform for meaningful communication via Instagram.

  • Interact and communicate effectively with your target audience.
  • Convert prospects into sales.
  • Share your story using genuine content.
  • Create a brand, build a distinct image, and facilitate brand equity.
  • Generate well-crafted content that is on-brand and driven by a clear objective.

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Unique Solution

Your business is operated differently than everyone else’s, which is why we develop a customized strategy as per your goals and objectives. Businesses show promising results on Instagram if they share well-designed content that is targeted towards a niche audience. Therefore, your account manager devises a solution based on all business-related parameters.


Authentic Content

Customers don’t like to see images from stock photos. A business can’t be marketed using fake pictures or skewed marketing tactics – customers are far too clever for that. Always take the genuine route – our creative team will structure the content accordingly to Center on your product or service.


Expanding Target Audience

While you devote yourself to other important areas of your business, we manage your Instagram account regularly. The account manager will upload, curate, and strategize content to ensure you get the desired results – driving actual business results is our responsibility. You don’t have to worry about the “Instagram” side of business, as we got it covered!



A key part of your success is based on how communicate with customers – the more active you are, the better you can engage with them. Our community managers are a key driving force to boost your bottom line. They will interact and build solid relationships with existing and prospective customers for the future. Refining customer service is an important part of your business – talk to them, answer questions, and understand what they want.


Analyze & Learn

How can you find out your strengths? How to identify areas of improvement? We collate and analyze data to detect patterns, strengths, weaknesses etc. It is all about learning how to use this information for development purposes. Insights generated through our micro-content, are used to sustain business results.



Everyone with a product or service to sell to an audience can benefit from the Instagram Initiative as we guarantee profitable results.


All you have to is outline significant details about your product and leave the rest to us. Our creatives will put on their thinking caps to:

  • Target your customers segments.
  • Generate revenue.
  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Build brand equity.
  • Build a community.


Do you have a service-based establishment? No problem! We will come to you instead to do the following:

  • Target Locally.
  • Generate revenue.
  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Build brand equity.
  • Build a community.


Are you familiar with the success story of Caballero? The website opened its doors in 2012, but just before officially launching it; Caballero actively campaigned on Instagram for 3 months by uploading and sharing content to spread awareness. The very first sale happened within moments of the website launch to a customer on the other end of the country, who purchased his shoes for his wedding.

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Instagram Initiative worked wonders for the Las Olas Sunday Market too. It went from a dismal 0 followers to a whopping 6,678 local followers! They employ both photos and videos to create awareness and keep the local market actively engaged. In November 2015, they were declared the Best Farmers Market in South Florida.

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Questions or comments about our Instagram Initiative?

Email us at or call us at (844) 567-8462 we are here to help!


Frequently Asked Questions

No question is left unanswered. The community manager in charge of your account interacts and talks to users who have reached out via Instagram. For business owners, it isn’t possible to monitor queries regularly, which is why a dedicated person is put in charge to keep tabs on comments and questions and respond accordingly. As always, communication is one of the major components of success. Instagram is one of the best possible platforms to build long-lasting rapport with your target audience, which the community manager does on your behalf.
No two businesses are similar, so the pricing differs depending on specific requirements and preferences. Our packages are decided based on your needs, so please follow the instructions and fill out the “Getting Started” link to get a personalized quote.
Our creatives – whether it is a photographer or videographer – are dedicated to documenting your business story the best they can. Every month they visit the location to capture “real moments” in your office. Photo release forms are always kept handy for anyone who could be featured in the images of videos being shot. When the last week of the month rolls in, the account manager will reach out via phone or email to set up a time and day of your convenience during the first week of the following month for our creatives to visit and commence the shoot.
A common question we often get is “The community manager might not know the answer to my customer’s question. What is to be done in that case?” During our initial meeting, you will be required fill out a company brief form. This form is divided into two parts. The first section talks about point of contact for our staff including details of those who are easily accessible throughout the business day, while the other half deals some frequently asked questions you receive about your business along with suitable answers.
Yes definitely – they belong to you for all intents and purposes. However, since we are continuously scouting creative locations for product placement photos and videos, we usually prefer – with your permission of course – to have our own copy of your product for purely marketing reasons.
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