About Us

Lost Imagination is a brand consulting studio with a focus on social media. We use insights gained through our micro-content to build creative campaigns that drive actual business results. We’ve worked with a diverse clientele by developing social strategies and creating micro-content for social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook , and Snapchat. Our focus is to create relationships by sharing the personality and core values of your brand. We understand the current popular platform’s native languages allowing us to emotionally connect with your target audience. Our passion for art, technology and business allows us to build long term brand equity.

The Team



Creative Director

As the Creative Director at Lost Imagination Studios, Alex continually invents new strategies for campaigns, micro-content and branding initiatives. He oversees the creative process and offers guidance to the creative team. Alex meets with clients during the consultation and creates a unique strategy ensuring all visions and objectives are achieved.



Technology Director

With 12 years experience executing IT strategies in alignment with corporate objectives, Juan makes sure Lost Imagination Studios is utilizing the latest technology. With over 55,000 followers on Twitter, Juan is extremely passionate about technology and social media. He understands current trends as he oversees all Twitter and Facebook accounts verifying we are driving business results.



Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, Brittany assists with planning, organizing and coordinating all aspects for Lost Imagination Studios. She is the first person you will speak to when contacting LIS and she will ensure your expectations are met. She is also responsible for promoting and instilling our culture amongst the team which allows us to meet and exceed customer expectations.



Account Manager

As the Account Manager, Sami is responsible for maintaining our customer’s social media accounts. His top priority is to grow the audience by implementing the account strategy. Sami communicates with our clients to make sure they are updated.

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Multimedia Designer

Started with a love for drawing, Erick attended The Art institute of Ft. Lauderdale in 2007 and earned a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Animation in 2011. While in school he worked in the graphic design industry. Erick has a love for corporate design. He sees beauty in simple, clear messages and symbols and enjoys incorporating them into his designs. He is continually learning new programs and skills in order to keep up with our evolving industry.



Your Passion

We are always looking for talent! If you are passionate about Social Media Marketing send us your resume at talent@lostimagination.com

Our Core Values

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Our goal at Lost Imagination is always to exceed our customers’ expectations. We want to make sure you are receiving everything you came to us for, all with amazing customer service along the way. We always welcome feedback, so please feel free to share your experience with us, as that is what helps us to continually improve.


Lost Imagination promotes integrity with our clients. From completing a task ahead of schedule to calling/showing up on time for scheduled appointments, Lost Imagination Studios and its employees strive to uphold our integrity every step of the way.


We make a positive impact by empowering our team to create great products and provide great service, and by encouraging them to give back to our community.


We choose to be positive. Positivity is contagious and boosts the happiness, productivity, and creativity of those around us.


We embrace change. Those who lead change are in the best position to shape and mold it to their advantage.


Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. We are committed to delivering a clear message.


We can all accomplish more than we thought we could. Just as our muscles need to be stressed to build mass, we need to stretch ourselves personally and intellectually.


We support and trust each other. We have the backs of the people around us as we work together to achieve great things.


We work efficiently—focusing on the things that propel us forward, which increases the quality of our results, as well as our enjoyment of the process.

Have Fun

We have fun at work. It’s essential to our well-being and to creating real relationships.

But enough about us… Let’s talk about you!

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