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Is Your Competition Crushing You?

  • Does your website perform well for smart phones?

    Is your website outdated?

    Are you spending a lot of money on marketing with 0 results?
  • struggling with getting new customers at the door?

    Does your website reflect the quality of your services?

    Does your website help streamline your business?

"Lost Imagination makes your business
look like a billion dollar company."

– Richard Grant

Adapts to visitors needs

A website should adapt to not only display correctly, but also, the information

Answer your customers

There are 3 golden questions that must be answered in order for a customer to buy.

Get new clients

A clear and a compelling website
that will convert traffic into paying customers.

What Makes Lost Imagination So Different?

Lost Imagination is a brand consulting studio with a focus on social media. We use insights gained through our micro-content to build creative campaigns that drive actual business results. We’ve worked with a diverse clientele by developing social strategies and creating micro-content for social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

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What customers are saying…

I don’t know what else to say. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Lost Imagination.
– Emelina L.

Not able to tell you how happy I am with Lost Imagination. It’s incredible. It’s incredible. It really saves me time and effort. Lost Imagination is exactly what our business has been lacking.
– Jedediah E.

Lost Imagination is great. Not able to tell you how happy I am with Lost Imagination. I could probably go into sales for you. We’ve used Lost Imagination for the last five years.
– Shayna

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We believe that Instagram is hugely important for businesses, but understand that it isn’t easy. We are here to help!

What We Do

Instagram Management

Outsource your Social media marketing and get back to focusing on your business. We have proven strategies to drive actual business results.

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We utilize the power of Facebook to hyper-target your ideal customer. We focus on conversions that lead to sales.

Why Instagram?

Instagram has your customers attention because it is a platform focused on visual content, and it is the perfect place for businesses to tell their story. It’s ranked as the #1 Social Media platform for people under 35, and it’s where people go to be inspired, discover new places, and products to try.

People are 10x more likely to engage with a brand on Instagram than on Facebook, and when people follow a business, 72% are more likely to purchase.

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Commercial Breaks in 2017…

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